Travel & Relax in Style

Established in 2012, Kochi, the eastern wind is committed to offer a collection of stylish and easy to wear summer clothes made from purely natural and light fabrics such as Linen and Cotton.

Kochi draws its inspiration from the timeless travellers and adventurers, who walk through the world, sail to the East, catching the trade wind, looking up at stars to explore, dream and discover.

Kochi in Japanese is the name of a wind from East that blows during spring. It is an old world, still found in poetry but almost forgotten by the new generation.

Kochi was immortalized by a famous Japanese poet from the 9th century,
Sugawara no Michizane 菅原 道真

quote mark When the east wind (Kochi) blows, flourish in full bloom, you, plum blossoms!
Even though you lose your master, don't be oblivious to spring. Quote Mark

東風吹かば にほひをこせよ 梅花
     主なしとて 春を忘るな

Kochi, behind the scene